Visit of Arvalis’ High-throughput Phenotyping Installation in Gréoux-les-bains

Benoît De Solan Research Engineer /Arvalis - Institut du végétal

On the 13th of May will take place a visit of the Gréoux-les-Bains Arvalis’ experimental station, that concentrates several high-throughput field phenotyping systems operated routinely. The program for this field trip visit is the following :

– Introduction to the station and the local phenotyping challenges
– Drone demonstration
– PhenoMobile demonstration
– LITERAL demonstration
– Minirhizotron demonstration

All the participants will be divided into small groups for the visit for a better on-site experience.

A buffet will be served for lunch, in addition, transportation to the phenotyping station from Avignon is included, no need to rent a car on your side for that day.  

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